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Production Manager
1. Oversee and coordinate assembly operation of manufacturing, to ensure the efficient production and provide customers with the high quality products
2. To be responsible for the production efficiency, quality of continuous improvement and maintain standardized production and working procedure; To take effective measures to eliminate low efficiency and unnecessary overtime.
3. Actively participate in the workshop, finding and solving problems.
4. Ensure all production areas of safety for production.
5. Supervise production KPI index, ensure reporting and recording the correct and timely, continuous improvement, when need to take corrective measures.
6. The implementation of new and innovative solutions to problems in production. Use error avoid and problem solving system find production delays, material delays, quality problems and the root cause of waste
1. The university degree, major in mechanical engineering or related field
2. At least 6 years management experience in production technology, and master the comprehensive knowledge, 5 years related experience in manufacturing;
3. Have the ability to plan, organize, delegate authority and responsibility, follow up, motivate and control subordinate staff, so as to get best effect of the work.
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